Illustrator:  Jorge Negrete

Illustrators Unite

Illustrator:  A.D Lester


We are a small network of creative professionals that want to support each other's endeavors.

If you have a positive, and uplifting story to tell for children-- we can help you connect with our network of freelance illustrators and graphic designers.

If you already have a book printed and just want to share your link, please contact us for consideration.

Please note Friendly Planet Club has no affiliation with these companies and/or products listed below. We are just excited to promote work by independent authors and artists, like ourselves. Have fun exploring...

Title:  Gladys Glasses (Author is USA based)

Theme:  Anti-Bullying, K-5th grade

Title:  Ollie Can't Sleep (Author is Australian based)

About:  Imaginative tale that explores the ways fears can be conquered

Title:  All Too Much for Oliver (Author is Singapore based)

Theme:  Courage & Motivation for the highly sensitive child

Title:  Chemistry in My Dreams  

About:  An adventurous kindergartner who dreams about her chemistry lessons from school.

Title:  The Forbidden Tree (Author is London based)

About:  Lilly needs to save her brother, but the only way to do it is to reach the top of the Forbidden Tree.


Picture Books

Creative Network

Friendly Planet club wants to provide enriching content for our online friends (teachers & students).

By providing FREE downloadable coloring and activity pages we hope that our ultimate vision is shared to:

Be kind to the planet.
Be kind to each other. 

Perhaps you are looking to practice your animal drawing skills or consider yourself a nature advocate.  If you would like to contribute something to our art archive, please reach out to us.  We could always use the help.

Also, with your support, we can promote your portfolio link... like our friends below.

Illustrator:  Jon Seisa