​ Here are the materials you need:
>  Milk carton
>  Plastic Water/Drink Bottle

>  Yogurt container
>  Decorative Paper
>  Tools:  Scissors, Glue, Hot Glue (helpful)

I needed a caddy to hold all my artist's tools, including tall selfie sticks which I use for school presentations. I cut a hole on the bottom of the milk carton, just in case a shorter pencil fell through the milk carton's spout.  I found an old luau necklace that I used to stuff into the taller plastic bottle to look more colorful.  As I was sorting through my recycling bin, I was so excited to discover the many possibilities.

Extra:  Plastic or cardboard box scraps, ribbon... get creative!​


Recycled Milk Carton:  Artist's Caddy for markers, crayons, pens, etc.


This project is very easy, as the pictures are self-explanatory.